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Farmington Hills, MI Lawn Care News & Updates

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Check back here often for the most recent in Farmington Hills, MI lawn care news.

Best BBQ Rub Recipe

Savor the taste of summer with this simple but tasty BBQ rub recipe from Weed Man Farmington Hills, MI! Check out our latest article to read more. ... Read More about Best BBQ Rub Recipe

The Low Down on Leaf Disease

If you have been consistently watering and fertilizing your Farmington Hills, MI lawn, but it still appears yellowish or brown, it could be suffering from one of several common leaf diseases. Read Weed Man's latest article to learn more!... Read More about The Low Down on Leaf Disease

Refer a Friend in Need of Lawn Care

There is no doubt that it can be difficult to find a reliable lawn care company to take care of your turf… BUT now that you have found one in Weed Man, why not spread the word? As a locally owned and operated lawn care franchise, we rely on referrals from our customers to help our business grow.... Read More about Refer a Friend in Need of Lawn Care

Excess Rain & What It Means for Your Lawn

As we start to transition from summer into fall, the weather may take a drastic turn. After a season ridden with drought and high temperatures, the mornings will start to cool off and rainfall will return. One thing that is important to understand is how this change in weather conditions and the excess rain can affect your Farmington Hills, MI turf.... Read More about Excess Rain & What It Means for Your Lawn

Labor Day Lawn Chores

It’s a busy time of year. The kids are going back to school, fall sports are starting full-swing and your lawn and household chores are building up. With Labor Day marking the unofficial end of summer, there are a few lawn chores you should schedule into your long weekend plans.... Read More about Labor Day Lawn Chores

Common Lawn Insects & How To Identify Them

Lawn insects can become quite a nuisance and ultimately can cause an enormous amount of damage in a short period of time if not identified and treated. The biggest struggle in identifying lawn insects in your Farmington Hills, MI lawn is that the damage can often be mistaken for symptoms of other problems such as dormancy and drought. ... Read More about Common Lawn Insects & How To Identify Them

5 Reasons You Should Reconnect with the Outdoors

If you spend each day indoors at your desk, under fluorescent lights, with your eyes glued to a screen then this article is for you! Disconnecting from our phones, TV’s, tablets and laptops and reconnecting with nature has proven to have many benefits. Continue reading for 5 reasons you should make a change.... Read More about 5 Reasons You Should Reconnect with the Outdoors

Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn

It is recommended that homeowners aerate their lawn once every single year whether that be in the spring or the fall. Why? Because aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn! First, you may be wondering what even is lawn aeration? Read our latest article for more information.... Read More about Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn

DIY Tire Planter

What better way to give an old tire new life than by planting some budding beauties in it! This DIY tire planter is sure to add a pop of personality to your porch or garden. Not to mention they’re super simple (and fun) to make!... Read More about DIY Tire Planter

Why Do I Have Mushrooms in My Lawn?

Have you noticed mushrooms popping up in your Farmington Hills, MI lawn? They are most commonly found after humid, rainy days, popping up in new sod or in the form of a 'Fairy Ring.' These formations of fungi can be an eyesore and even potentially dangerous for pets and kids if ingested.... Read More about Why Do I Have Mushrooms in My Lawn?

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